Financing export & import

Customised financing structures for your international trade

We accompany you in international business

To support your cross-border activities, we provide you with a comprehensive range of products and services: We help you to reduce risks, ensure the smooth processing of foreign trade and identify strategic solutions.

Prosperity in Germany is strongly linked to our export performance.

Ralph Lerch, Head of trade & export finance, DZ BANK

Short-term trade finance

We provide comprehensive advice on short-term trade financing based on letters of credit or a guarantee from the buyer's bank.

As DZ BANK, we can also confirm export letters of credit for you, giving you greater payment security.

Trade finance

DZ BANK supports you worldwide in your financing and hedging projects in the international commodities business.

We offer tailored solutions along the value chain of raw materials and semi-finished products.

Export finance

We accompany your exports with short, medium and long-term foreign trade financing.

Our financing offers you more liquidity, generally balance sheet relief and risk minimisation - more scope for your export business.

Straight to your contact person

Our advisors orchestrate the DZ BANK product portfolio for you. Get to know your regional team and let us convince you of our expertise.

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