Guarantees & Sureties

Take advantage of our first-class credit rating in your business

Our loan facilities for your seamless operations

Liquid funds are not always required in the financial affairs of your company. We are glad to support you in these cases with sureties or guarantees for your foreign business or your operative business in Germany. This loan loan serves as security for your business partners. A loan for cash backing of the business becomes superfluous. Conserve your liquid assets and use your liquidity for new, profitable investments.

Sureties and guarantees for the international movement of goods and services

To ensure that your global business runs smoothly even in the context of political and cultural differences, we offer you a wide range of services and find the ideal payment method for your particular business.

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Our value added

  • You take advantage of DZ BANK's first-class credit rating in your business

  • You do not need any liquid funds for any collateral

  • More favourable conditions than with a loan

  • Liquid funds saved can be reallocated

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