SEPA payments

Euro transactions without borders

Europe grows together

With the creation of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), the European markets are also continuing to grow together in terms of transactions. Making a euro payment by credit transfer, direct debit or card in the SEPA area is easy, efficient and secure - to the benefit of businesses and consumers. Europe-wide uniform standards and payment instruments shorten transaction times, ensure greater transparency and minimise risks. Your company can also benefit from the increased efficiency and savings potential associated with SEPA.


One standard for Europe

Uniform standards and payment instruments shorten transaction times, ensure greater transparency and minimise risk. Your company can also benefit from the increase in efficiency and an immense savings potential.


Transfer within seconds through Instant Payment

Electronic commerce takes place everywhere and at all times, including evenings, weekends and holidays. Consumers expect ever simpler and faster services. Businesses want to be able to respond flexibly, securely and quickly to the needs of their customers and business partners. Progressive digitalisation makes it possible to exchange data in seconds.

SEPA Instant Payments now makes it possible to transfer money from one account to another in real time - throughout the SEPA area.

As a company, you will benefit particularly from this development. Because for you, fast payments and information in real time mean a clear competitive advantage - for example, through immediate receipt of money and the associated minimisation of default risks. In addition, there is more room for manoeuvre thanks to immediately available liquidity and reduced lead times. Real-time payments thus help to harmonise your flow of goods and money.

All payment transaction accounts at DZ BANK are currently activated for the receipt of real-time payments. In order for SCT Inst to process payments correctly, your company must be able to process both holiday values and the new transaction codes 168 (individual entry - credit) and 189 (collector - credit). We have been providing you with the technical option of actively ordering real-time payments via the EBICS channel since November 2019.

In the course of your digitisation projects, it may be of interest to you to make full use of instant payments and thereby generate a decisive competitive advantage. Furthermore, real-time payments in general business transactions offer a unique advantage: immediate, irrevocable availability of liquidity. This offers the greatest possible security in the payment process for each party - without any time delay. We have created the technical prerequisites and are constantly developing them further. Join this innovative payment procedure now. Let us take an important further step towards the digital future together.

Our value added

  • They will benefit from a Single Payments Area in Europe with a single legal framework for both national and cross-border transactions in euro.

  • Single payment formats for the SEPA payment instruments (credit transfers and direct debits) will bring more transparency and new opportunities. With SEPA, cross-border direct debits are now possible.

  • Cashless payment transactions such as credit transfers and direct debits in euro are as easy, quick and inexpensive throughout the SEPA area as they are at national level.

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